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Sun: Full sun to partial shade     Water: Let soil moderately dry between watering     Plant size: Up to 20'

Agave makes a great indoor plant or outdoor landscaping plants. If you’re going to plant it outdoors be sure to tend to it more within the first month as it’s getting established. Their sap can be irritating and spikes will surprise with a poke but but otherwise agave is a very low-maintenance, energizing plant to keep in your home.


Air Plant - Bromeliad Tillandsia

Light: Bright, indirect sunlight    Water: Thoroughly soak 2-3 times a week in dry & hot, less often in cool & humid environment. Make sure they are given enough light & air to dry within 3-4 hours. Misting helps in addition to soaking but is not sufficient as sole way of watering.

Air plants are unique because they don't need soil to grow. Since their leaves absorb the water rather than their roots, they don't need to be potted in soil to survive - which makes for an interesting & fun houseplant!



Sun: Bright Sunlight     Water: Let soil dry between watering; less in winter     Plant Size: 1' to 2’

Place your aloe near a window with well-draining (cactus or succulent specific) soil and it will be happy! It is drought tolerant so be sure not to water it too often. These beautiful plants make a great addition to any home.


Banana Plant

Sun: bright light     Water: Let soil dry between watering; less in winter     Plant Size: 10' to 20’

Keeping banana plants indoors offers captivating & lush foliage right in your home. They are susceptible to root rot so make sure they’re planted in well draining soil. These plants produce delicious fruit - the ice cream variety actually tastes like ice cream!


Bird of Paradise

Sun: Bright light     Water: let soil dry between watering     Plant Size: 10' - 15'

Bird of Paradise do best near bright windows and can be placed outdoors in the summer when the chance of frost has passed. They’re susceptible to root rot so make sure they’re planted in well draining soil. Their blooms resemble a bird but their most impressive feature are their large & beautiful tropical foliage.



Sun: Bright, indirect sunlight     Water: let soil dry completely between watering   Plant Size: up to 3’

Bromeliads are tropical and love humidity, so they make great indoor or outdoor plants (except in the winter). They are drought tolerant and can rot if watered too often. Find a spot that doesn’t get direct sun and enjoy their brightly colored foliage.



Sun: Bright sunlight     Water: Once every two weeks; once a month in winter     Plant Size: Varies

Cacti grow well indoors if they are placed near a sunny window. They also thrive outdoors during warmer months. They are very easy to care for and forgiving of neglect as long as you don’t over water them.


Cactus - Cereus Peruvianus

Light: Bright sunlight     Water: Let soil dry completely between watering     Plant Size: 6 or more feet indoors

Cereus Peruvianus is a stately, upright cactus that produces delicious fruit similar to dragon fruit


Cactus - Coral

Sun: Bright sunlight     Water: let soil dry completely between watering, every two weeks     Size: 1-3'


Cactus - Opuntia

Light: Bright sunlight     Water:  Allow soil to dry between watering then give a thorough watering. In Fall & Winter only once or twice a month.     Plant Size: Some varieties can grow up to 5 feet tall.

These are fast growing plants that are relatively low maintenance and hardy. They are easily recognizable with their flat paddle shaped segments that grow on top of each other. Some varieties grow well outdoors, even in the winter time! They can be a great addition to your landscape but make sure your species can do well in cold temperatures before doing any digging.


Light: Medium to bright, indirect sunlight     Water: Keep soil consistently moist    Plant Size: Up to 3 feet

There are several different varieties of calathea and many are recognizable by the unique marks on their leave that can look like brushstrokes. It's important to note that direct sunlight can cause them to lose their markings.


Chinese Evergreen

Light: Low to medium indirect sunlight     Water: Allow soil to dry out between watering     Plant Size: 1 to 3 feet

The Chinese Evergreen is a great, low maintenance houseplant staple, tolerant of many different environments. Their leaves are variegated with gray, silver, and shades of green.


Cataractarum Palm

Light: Bright, indirect sunlight     Water: Keep soil evenly moist     Plant Size: Up to 6'

Cataractum palms art definitely a statement piece. They are the perfect filler for the open corner in your living space. They need a little more water than most palms , so be sure not to forget about them for too long.


Chinese Lanterns

Light: full sun (6+ hours)     Water: keep soil moist     Plant Size: Up to 2'

Chinese Lanterns produce orange-red papery flower pods (much like a Chinese lantern). The flowers can be dried and are an interesting addition to floral arrangements. They can be invasive, so be sure to keep them in a pot if you’d like a little more control.


Citrus Bush Cocktail (Key lime/Meyer lemon)

Sun: Bright sunlight     Water: Keep soil consistently moist     Size: 3-5'


Cornstalk Plant

Light: bright, filtered sunlight     Water: keep soil moist     Plant Size: Up to 6'

Cornstalk Plants are easy to care for and will be a statement piece in any room! They are tolerant to the occasional missed watering and produce long, dramatic foliage. 



Light: Bright light     Water: Keep soil consistently moist     Plant Size: Up to 10'

Croton plants are beautiful additions to greenhouses or sunspaces as they require a lot of bight light & humidity. Their stiff, leathery leaves come in all different vibrant colors that can change depending on the amount of sunlight they get. To keep them pleased make sure they have plenty of sunlight, a warm & draft-free environment, moist soil, and humid air.



Light: Medium to bright, indirect sunlight     Water: Allow top 1" of soil to dry between watering     Size: Up to 5'

Dieffenbachia is a beautiful plant with broad leaves that have attractive spots and flecks. They can grow to be quite large, making them a perfect statement piece.


Dracaena - JC Compacta

Light: Bright, indirect light     Water: Let soil dry our between watering     Plant size: Up to 6 feet

The plant is a common houseplant due to its easy care. It's easy to distinguish the JC Compacta from other forms of Fracaena because of its compact form and dark green leaves that only grow about 4 inches from its base. It's a slow growing plant but in time it can grow up to 6 feet tall.


Dracaena Marginata

Light: Medium, indirect sunlight     Water: Let top 50% of soil dry between watering, every 7-10 days     Size: up to 8'


Dusty Miller

Sun: Partial shade (3-6 hours)     Water: Let soil dry between watering     Plant Size: 8 - 18 inches     Plant Spacing: 10 - 12 inches

Dusty Miller works well in containers and garden beds. The silvery foliage makes a great companion for plants with bright blooms. These leaves are resistant to deer if you have them in your area.