Urban Agriculture

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Today Flora's crew had the awesome experience of checking out the Hands On Nashville Urban Agriculture Program's urban farm which is serving as a place to create a healthier and more equitable food system within our community. The passion the program leaders have for sustainability and nutrition is completely evident and inspiring when you take the time to stop by and chat for a bit.

The farm sits in a fairly residential neighborhood on land bought by the city as a result of a flood buyout program after the 2010 flooding. Re-purposing this land that can no longer be developed into housing or otherwise has given our community a unique opportunity to learn the importance of our environment and knowing where our food comes from.

But the core focus of the farm? "To engage youth who live in neighborhoods with limited access to fresh foods." Not only do they engage, they give them the opportunity to harvest, prepare, and taste healthy, nourishing foods - experiences that will last them beyond the program and help them make healthy choices when it's up to them to decide. And this is exactly the kind of organization that we're so happy to announce we're partnering with! Our company so values everything the Urban Agriculture Program is trying to achieve and through events, donations, and volunteering, we're so excited to help promote their cause.