Kokedama, our latest obsession

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Say hello to our latest obsession, Kokedama! Kokedama is a Japanese-style plant art. Instead of potting the plant in soil, the roots are wrapped in moss then attched to string so it can hang beautifully in your home.

Care: To water, place the Kokedama in a bowl of water, plant side up, until the moss is moist (about 10 - 25 minutes). Remove and gently squeeze the moss to remove excess water. Water whenever you notice the moss feeling dried out and light, but less with succulent varieties. Place them in a bright location but not in direct sunlight.

This plant art encompasses the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, which is centered on the acceptance of transience & imperfection. Other characteristics of this concept are simplicity, asymmetry, and the appreciation of the natural world. What a lovely meaning behind an even lovelier piece of art! Kokedamas are now available at any of our upcoming pop-ups.