Mother's Day Gift Guide

Flora Plant Shop

With Mother's Day around the corner we thought we'd put together a gift guide with some gift ideas you can find in our shop. First and foremost, we now have some beautiful locally and organically sourced flowers available from The Farmer's Florist. This week the Botanist Arrangement is available - featuring edible flowers + herbs. Organic flowers and herbs include sage, peppermint, chocolate mint, bachelor buttons, and medicinal yarrow.

We just got these awesome plant hangers from Obsidian Ironworks in the shop. They're perfect with our pothos or vining philodendrons. We're thinking they'd look pretty great with a cactus or succulent, too! They're available in 6" or 8".

We carry a selection of botanical themed books that make great gifts for mom. Our personal favorite right now is The Drunken Botanist: The Plants That Create The World's Great Drinks.

We also have a variety of botanical prints from Jenna Alexander and beautiful figure drawing water colors + greeting cards by Kami Baergen.

Mother's Day cards from Papersheep and botanical postcards from Emily Miller!

We've got a bunch of goodies for pampering like oils and scrubs from Oxalis Apothecary, soap from Little Seed Farm, and candles from Primary School. 

Drink up, Momma! Copper mugs available in the shop along with E Harlow Pristine Tonic + Magnolia Bitters.

Our 3 month pop-up with H. & Clark is still going on! Gorgeous leather goods make great gifts and they're in the shop through July!

And for those of you who can't decide, or think your mother would like to herself, we always have gift cards available!