Mounting A Staghorn Fern

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Staghorn ferns are beautiful plants that have recently become more popular due to their unusual growing habits and the easier care varieties becoming more widely available. They're epiphytes which means they grow well on and obtain nutrients from other living things. In the wild you'll see them growing on moss or trees, so a great way to watch them thrive is to mount them on wood wrapped in moss. Eventually, they can become huge and their roots will grow into the wood and moss. It also makes for lovely decor in your home! Below we've outlined easy steps to follow to make your own.

What you'll need:

  • a staghorn fern
  • wood to mount on - we used cedar because it is rot-resistant and cut it to 7x10 inches
  • picture hanging hardware
  • small nails
  • pencil
  • jute twine
  • sheet moss

1. Mount the picture hanging hardware to the back of the wood.

2. Trace a circle on the front of the wood (we used the bottom of a 6in terra cotta pot) and slightly hammer in several nails an equal distance apart.

3. Moisten the roots of the staghorn fern and place it in the center of the circle of nails. Moisten a piece of the moss and wrap it around the roots & soil of the fern. Cut 4 to 5 feet of twine and tie one end to a nail. Continue to wrap the twine around the moss, tying around other nails along the way until the moss & fern feel secured to the piece of wood.

Now find a perfect spot to hang your mounted fern! To care for them, take them down once a week and soak them wood side down in water. 

We hope you feel encouraged to give this a try for your home - a bit of plant art or "vegan taxidermy" as we like to call it. Other epiphytes include bromeliads & orchids - other possibilities for wall mounting! We'll also have these beauties available at our upcoming pop-ups for $40.


Instructions credit: Fresh Exchange