Plants enhance your environment. Let us help you do it in the best way possible. Depending on available light, existing style, and benefits you'd like to see, we have the knowledge and inventory to transform your space with our high quality foliage. Now taking plant consultations for homes, offices, and shops.


Let us help you decorate your next event! We offer a variety of plant rental options to best fit your needs. From large tropical plants to small succulent center pieces, we'll help transform your function with our beautiful greenery. Get in touch with us for an up to date list of our inventory & pricing.


Use us for our knowledge! In addition to having all of our care instructions for plant we carry on our website we're also available for any questions or concerns regarding your indoor plants or gardens, even if you didn't get your plants from us. Plants make people happy, happy plants make us even happier. Please feel free to contact us any time of day and we'll do our best to walk you through it!